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Challenge Workshops
2022 - 5
th Edition

The biggest competition between workshop teams

Organization: Jornal das Oficinas

 Partnership:  T Academy

 Suport:  Pro4matic Car Center

Sponsors 2022
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Partners 2022

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Why participate in the Challenge Workshops?


Because it is a challenge for the workshops in Portugal to participate in a competition, whose objective, in addition to winning, is also to be able to share knowledge


Because it consists of a process of self-assessment, at the same time that it is a playful competition.


Because it adds value to the image and increases the visibility of the finalist workshops and partner companies.

Carro de conserto de mecânico automático

Final of the competition at Pro4matic Car Center

18 Junho 2022

Montemor-o-Velho - Coimbra - Portugal

We offer the market a set of publications, websites and specialized events for the Aftermarket sector.

​​With the implementation of the Challenge Workshops competition, we not only want to publicize the workshop sector, but also allow each workshop to become aware of what it is worth in terms of human resources and as an organization.

Chave Mecânica

voice of Sponsors

"The Workshop Challenge serves to dignify the work that is done in the workshops"
Ricardo Mateus - Easy Stop